Xiaomi Car Mounted Inflation Pump Car Tire Electric Inflation Pump Mini Motorcycle Intelligent Digital Display Inflation Pump
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  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Origin:Mainland China

This is Xiaomis ecological chain product,Usually no the MI logo,But they are all from cooperated brand factory .If you mind this ,pls do not order it .Thank you so much !

[Product Name]: Vehicle mounted inflatable pump

[Product Model]:

[ST-5002] Car mounted inflatable pump - pointer type/digital display type

[Product size]: about 14.5 * 6 * 20.5cm
[Product Material]: ABS
[Product weight]: Gross weight (about) 800g
[Power cord length]: About 300 cm, the length of the trachea is about 50 cm
[Product packaging]: Color box packaging size 22 * 15.8 * 8.8
[Output power]: 120 (W)
[Rated voltage]: DC12 (V)
[Lighting lamp]: LED
[Product Features]:

1. This machine is suitable for 12V automotive tires,

2. It is also suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, ball games, rubber boats, beach floating beds, inflatable toys, and so on.

"When working on highways, in the wild, or in the morning, when a tire suddenly leaks or gets an injection, it can be more effective in first aid.".

4. Maintaining the correct tire pressure on car tires can ensure driving safety and save gasoline. It can be used with the car, just in case, and has endless benefits.

5. Equipped with a complete set of inflation nozzles, it can be used to inflate tires, rubber boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, balls, and many other purposes.

[Instructions for Use]:

1. Insert the air nozzle on the rubber tube head directly onto the tire valve. When you hear the sound of air escaping from the tire, it indicates that the air has circulated. Continue to tighten the air nozzle, and at this time, the air will not escape.

2. Insert into the DC12V cigarette lighter

3. During inflation, the gauge pointer rises with the degree of tire saturation. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (generally 223kpa=35PSI for passenger car tires), take out the plug and air nozzle, and the work is completed.

4. Please use the professional ball needle and plastic nozzle provided with this machine to connect with the air nozzle to inflate balls and other air equipment.


1. Do not inflate tires on large and overweight vehicles, such as trucks, trucks, and container trucks;

2. When using, please start the car engine to increase power, without consuming the car battery power;

3. This machine is limited to DC (DC12V) power supply, and cannot use household high-voltage AC (AC220V) power supply;

4. When inflating, please shut down for 10 minutes after continuous operation for cooling to prevent damage to the air pump and accessories and extend the service life of the motor. When inflatable, the rubber boat can work continuously for 30 minutes;

5. When inflating a typical tire, it can reach a normal tire pressure of 30 PSI in about 3-5 minutes, while for large tires, it will take longer; If the pointer of the instrument rapidly rises to 50-100 PSI when inflation starts, it indicates that the air is blocked and has not entered the tire. At this time, it is necessary to immediately unplug the air nozzle connector and operate again, otherwise the motor and instrument may be easily damaged.

6. When using, do not leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, and do not oversaturate;

7. After using this machine, the air nozzle wrench must be straightened to avoid fatigue of the rubber inside;

8. This air pump plug is equipped with a fuse inside. If the air pump does not start, please open the plug to check and replace it (the fuse is 10A);

9. This machine should be protected from moisture, heavy falls, and sand and mud intrusion, as well as from children playing with it to avoid damage;

10. The pressure required for each type of tire is different. Please refer to the label on the side of the cars tire or ask the car manufacturer