♠❁ FJMY Hearing Aid Dryer Timer Drying Case Box Electronic Dehumidifier Dry box HOT
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  • [electronic dryer] timing type more convenient automatic shutdown
  • 1、 Product model
  • Suzhou Baizhu a - electronic dryer (intelligent timing type)
  • 2、 Product parameters
  • 1) Power supply: - 220 V
  • 50 Hz
  • 2) Temperature range: 40 ℃± 5 ℃
  • 3) Top power: ≤ 8W
  • 4) Appearance size: 78mm x 78mm x 80mm
  • 5) Weight: 180g
  • 3、 Product features
  • 1. The power cord with VDE certification is used to meet the international electrical requirements
  • 2. The design adopts the middle partition plate to isolate the drying object from the heat source and uses air to heat it. In this way the dried object is evenly heated and the drying efficiency is higher and the performance is better which is different from the use of flannelette in the dryer lining on the market
  • 3. The principle of single chip microcomputer is adopted for timing and the temperature is controlled accurately
  • 4. Adopt the temperature controller which meets the export requirements and the temperature control is accurate
  • 5. The unique circuit design can effectively protect the dried objects when the current is increased unexpectedly or the thermostat fails
  • 6.3 hours and 6 hours two gear touch timing button fast and easy
  • 4、 Instructions for use
  • 1. Plug the power plug into the AC 220 V power supply. At this time the power indicator lights up and the machine starts to work.
  • 2. Open the box and trimming door of the hearing aid take out the and put it into the dryer.
  • 3. When the contact temperature of the tank surface reaches about 40 degrees the machine enters the constant temperature state.
  • 4. Experts suggest that hearing aids should be dried only once a day 6 hours each time in summer and 3 hours each time in other seasons with no more than 12 hours per day at most.
  • Matters needing attention:
  • 1. Each drying time shall not exceed 12 hours.
  • 2. Before the hearing aid is dried the water stains and stains indicated must be wiped clean and the compartment door must be opened to take out the .
  • 3. It is forbidden to cover the body when the electronic drying box is working.
  • 4. When the electronic drying box is finished please unplug the power plug in time.


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