✵♗ LED Angel Devil Eyes Bi-xenon Projector H4 H7 Headlight Lenses COB DRL Halo Lens Mini 2.5 For Car Lights Accessories Retrofit
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  • 📦📦 Package Includes:
  • ● 2 x Upgrade 8.0 Bi-xenon Projector Lens
  • ● 2 x Projector Shrouds
  • ● 2 x LED COB Angel Eyes
  • ● 2 x LED Devil Eyes (If you choose it)
  • ● Installation Washer -amp
  • Locking Rings
  • ✨✨ Specification:
  • ✅ Projector Lens: Upgrade 8.0 H1 Lens
  • ✅ Projector Lens Dimensions: 2.5 Inch
  • ✅ Lens Holder: Make of a high temp nylon/fiber glass composite to withstand up to 220 Celsius (438 F).
  • ✅ Solenoid: This 8.0 version use a large (strong) magnetic solenoid that will pull the high beam shutter all the way to allow more light output when on high beams. With the larger solenoid we designed a deeper high beam that will illuminate further down the road.
  • ✅ Lens Materials: High clear glass not plastic. With long lifespan and high transmittance.
  • ✅ Reflector Material: Aluminum alloy body. Can withstand 300 degree temperature. The reflector bowl dissipates heat efficiently protecting the reflective surface from deterioration.
  • ✅ Cover Material: High Temperature Resistant Plastic.
  • ✅ Light Output: With crisp cut-off line concentrated and balanced low beam lights will not dazzle the oncoming drivers. Focusing and hyper spot high beam provides safe driving experience at night.
  • ✅ Cut-off Beam Options: RHD(Right hand driving steering wheel on the right)
  • ✅ Fitment: Fits for H4 H7 Headlight. For other headlight type you may need to do a minor modification to fit the lens well.
  • ✅ Projector Required Bulb Type: H1 Xenon/Britune H1 LED Bulbs
  • 🔥🔥 Angel Eyes Feature:
  • ✅ High-end flip chips COB LED 2 times brighter than normal COB LED angel eyes and 6 times brighter than CCL angel eyes.
  • ✅ The angel eye is with self-protect feature. When you turn on your headlight the angel eyes will be off automatically and thus keep the temperature down and longer the lifespan. When you turn off your headlight the angel eyes will be ON and working as daytime running lights.
  • ✅ Devil Eyes(If you choose it): LED Devil Eyes. Also with self-protect function. When you turn on headlight devil eye will be turned off.
  • ❗❗❗ Attention:
  • ● The package is without xenon bulbs and ballast if you need the conversion kit together please the following link for H1.
  • https://shopee.com.my/product/484284088/7193978923/
  • ● If you need LED bulbs for this projector lens please check below link for H1 LED Bulbs.
  • https://shopee.com.my/product/484284088/4194120434/


เต๊น 2.5*2.5เต้น2.5×2.5เต็น 2.5*2.5เต๊นท์ขายของ2.5*2.5ผ้าใบเต็นท์2.5×2.5ผ้าเต้น2.5×2.5ผ้าเต็นท์ 2.5*2.52.5สายไฟ 2*2.5/2.5เต้นท์ขายของ2.5*2.5