☂☼ Tycipy 20cm Studio Ring Light 84pcs LED full light Photography selfie Lights with Sponge Tripod Phone Holder Yutube Vlog Video
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  • Specifications:
  • 1.With the studio to fill the light photo portrait self-timer fill light
  • 2.Small studio ring led light usb photo fill light
  • Make up
  • 3.With Tripod and remote control make your Photography more convenient.
  • 4.Self-timer fill light beauty camera video anchor live soft light photography light stepless dimming
  • 5.It is widely applied to outdoor photo light filling light indoors portrait fashion wedding art advertisement photography shooting video etc.
  • 6.NO ultraviolet and infrared light radiation low heat output safety and environmental protection. Long service life of more than 50000hrs.
  • 7.It is widely applied to outdoor photo light filling light indoors portrait fashion wedding art. The ring-shaped light will make the models eyes more bright and vivid which makes the portrait more perfect!
  • Pecifications: 3 colors adjustable
  • Interface: 1/4 universal screw hole
  • Power: 15w power supply 5v
  • USB Power cord length 150cm
  • Material: Plastic - Sponge
  • Product related technical parameters:
  • 3 colors stepless dimming white light warm light soft light
  • Package list:
  • Sponge Tripodx1
  • 20cm ring lightx1
  • -ringlight -filllight -ledlight -stand -tripod -phoneholder


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