▩❁♈ DAPHNE Clip On Lighting Kit Zoom Lighting Video Conference Selfie Ring Light Dimmable Fill The Light 3 Colors Mode LED Laptop Computer Monitor
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  • -div--p-Name: Video Conference Fill Light
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • LED angle: 360°
  • Size: about 18.0 cm x 17.0 cm x 9.0 cm
  • Product power: 8W
  • Number of LEDs: 48
  • Color: black
  • Color temperature: 2200-5500K
  • Power supply mode: 5V USB direct plug input
  • Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness: Our video light has 3 Color temperatures (white light / warm light / natural light) . You can easily adjust your ideal lighting via the switch to make your skin more perfect and to suit your environment.
  • Circular design multiple uses: the lamp has a ring design the light is more uniform than a fixed lamp no glare no shadow and the soft light is non-dazzling. It is also a mini ring lamp. It can be widely used for remote Work video zoom call self-transmission live broadcasting makeup Reading.
  • Stable and flexible easy to carry: This LED lamp adopts a clip installation design. You can attach this lamp to the edge of the computer screen Or anywhere you can put the clip on. Its very strong. Dont worry about coming Loose and falling. The swivel tilt can also change the direction and angle of the light. The size of the lamp is very light. It is a good partner for your Work and life.
  • USB Power Supply: More power options as all USB ports can be used to clip Video lights such as desktop PCs laptops mobile power or cell phone Chargers. The lamp is energy saving and environmentally friendly. Note: Charging Is Not Supported.
  • Package Contents
  • 1 x LED Ring Light-/p--/div-


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