✴❀✳ Speeds Yoga Mat NBR Yoga Mat Sports Mat Yoga Gymnastics Floor Carpet Mat 027-21
  • The yoga mat made of NBR material with 8mm thickness makes this yoga mat more soft when used with materials made of NBR make a smooth and very flexible surface when used to carry the body knees waist and Others while doing yoga practice. Nbr materials are known to have coating that is resistant to oil and acidic substance. Nbr is a material made of natural rubber making it more durable and durable when used with 8mm thickness making this mat suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Yoga mat known as the English name non-slip mat. It is made of anti-slip material so it is able to reduce the risk of slipping injury. It can be rolled up making it easy to carry anywhere and use whenever this yoga mat can be done for other exercises such as sports with dumbells barbells make the whole body trainable such as pilates push up lower body circuit squat and Plank practice
  • Have Excellence:
  • -anti-slip Anti-slip
  • -flexible
  • -Has Easy to clean lining
  • -Lightweight And easy to carry anywhere
  • -Made Of NBR material
  • -Odorless Resistant to oil or acidic substance
  • -Has 8mm thick
  • -The Smooth and pliable surface is very comfortable when used to ride the body when performing yoga movement
  • -Made Of NBR material


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