☬✜ Kids Alarm Clock Digital Alarm Clock for Kids Bedroom Cute Dinosaur Bedside Clock Childrens Sleep Trainier Wake Up Light Night Light with USB Alarm Clock for Boys Girls Birthday Gifts
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  • It is a versatile one that has all functions needed for you include dual alarm setting dual sleep training setting LED night light current time date and temperature display and countdown.
  • With the portable lightweight and cute design ideal for indoor and outdoor use bedroom bathroom and hallway the night light is the best choice.
  • 🌈 Product Description 🌈
  • 1.【Timer Night Light - Sleep Trainer】
  • The cute childrens digital display alarm clock night light can be timed for 1-60 minutes.
  • The cute dinosaur lamp with soft colorful lights offers your little ones a gentle companion which can help them learn to sleep alone.
  • 2.【Dual Alarm with Snooze - Three Workday Alarm Mode】
  • The digital alarm clock has dual alarms that make it possible to set two different times in one day you can get 5 minutes snooze time by touching the night light button press any button to quit snooze.
  • Three workday alarm modes to cater to your working need: from Monday to Friday (1-5) Monday to Saturday (1-6) or Monday to Sunday (1-7)
  • 3.【Intelligent Sunrise - Sunset Simulation】
  • The alarm clock digital comes with sunrise - sunset mode and the wake up light alarm clock will turn from dark to bright during 6:00AM-5:59PM which wake you from deep sleep and to give you a good mood in the morning.
  • From 6:00PM-5:59AM the LED will auto change to be dimmer to give you the best nights sleep environment
  • 4.【Energy Saving Model - USB Charging】
  • The kids alarm clocks is set to the energy-saving model by default.
  • You can wake it up by tapping the clock or table clapping hands etc.
  • The alarm clock uses a 2000mA high-capacity lithium battery which can be charged through the USB port.
  • ⏰ Function ⏰
  • 1. Timed night light - 1- 60min sleep at night with soft light the light goes off automatically after a set time.
  • 2. Breathe with sleep lights: breathing lights like the rhythm of breathing flickering not only easy to turn on the light but also for a long time no impact on sleep and save electricity.
  • 3. 12/24 hours display
  • The temperature can be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit / Celsius
  • 4. This kids alarm clock has 6 optional ringtones - 5 adjustable volume you can set the ringtone
  • 5. It has a snooze function and countdown function reminder function for weak batteries.
  • 6. The alarm can turn off the button sound easy to place.
  • 7. built-in 2000mA lithium battery supply USB and long standby.
  • 🌜 package includes🌜
  • 1 x Cute dinosaur-shaped alarm clock
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • If you need English instructions please contact customer service.
  • ✨Perfect GIFT For Kids✨
  • Cute dinosaur design using safe silicone material feels very soft. Perfect ideal as holiday or birthday gift for boys and girls.


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