✻ 3d Led Night Light Lamp Genshin Impact Hu Tao Acrylic Led Lamp Game
  • Input Voltage:5V
  • Lighting Type:Table - Desk Lamp
  • Smart Equipment:No
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  • 🌈 100- Brand New and High Quality
  • High-quality acrylic material. Laser laser technology. The lines are clear. High light transmittance and high light conductivity-95-. Safety and environmental protection/no odor/no yellowing.
  • Type: Night Light
  • Feature:
  • 🌈 Touch switch or Remote control
  • USB Powered easy to use.
  • LED light sourceLow power consumption no heat after working for a long time
  • the light source adopts high-quality LED light the light is soft and uniform not glare no flicker and does not hurt the eyes.
  • 🌈 Suitable for: Table desk lamp
  • bedside lamp
  • Bar Light
  • Baby Kid room Bedroom decor Corridor Wedding decor etc.
  • Gift for friends Gift for kid gift for teacher gift for colleague gift for customers birthday gift gift for RAYA Christmas gift gift for new year Valentines Day gift holiday gift corporate gifts
  • 🌈 Material: Acrylic
  • Switch: Touch
  • Remote control (optionl)
  • Base color: Black base/ or Crack base
  • color: Touch 7 colors changeable
  • Remote 16 colors
  • Power Supply: USB Powered
  • AA batteries (Battery not including !)
  • Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Touch type and remote control type:
  • 🌈 Common ground
  • 1. All are USB powered can be used with batteries (battery self-prepared) can touch the base switch to color can fix single color 2 touch 3 seconds to turn on/off.
  • ● Low consumption will not be hot after long time working Light source use the high-quality LED light is soft and uniform no dazzling non-flicker wont hurt eyes.
  • 🌈 difference
  • In addition to all the functions of the colorful touch model the remote control touch model can also be remotely controlled adjustable brightness and 16 light colors three-color fast flash colorful slow flash and three-color slow flash while the colorful touch model does not have related functions .
  • 🌈 Package includes::
  • √Gift Packagex1
  • √Acrylic boardx1 (size 200x150x4mm)
  • √ABS base x1 (87 x 87 x 43mm)(optional Black base/crack base )
  • √USB data cablex1
  • √Manual x1
  • √1xRemote control (optional)
  • 🌈 Option:!!!!Acrylic board !!!Attention!!!
  • AcrylicBoard No Base
  • ✔ It is just the design no light base. It could not shine!!!
  • 🌈 Warm tip:
  • Acrylic double sides with protective film it can protect it from scratches please tear up protective film before use
  • You can placed it in warm water for half an hour then the protective film will be easier to tear off.


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