▦ Lemorele USB C to HDMI with 4k60Hz USB C Display Port Adapter supports computers with HDMI game consoles various TV boxes and portable screen AR glasses with USB-C display
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  • 1. The HDMI of the adapter supports the HDMI interface of video output devices including laptops game consoles DVD players etc. and must use a mini USB cable to power the adapter.
  • 2. This adapter USB-C port only supports video output supports up to 4K resolution and provides plug and play with high-definition display or display.
  • 3. Compatible with Nreal Air Rokid Air Thunderbird AR GRAWOOW and other AR glasses and compatible with switch base steam deck base PS4 PS5 Xbox and other mainstream game consoles applicable to all kinds of portable products with USB-C interface and display.
  • 4. It provides great portability and convenience. It is compact enough to carry it anywhere.


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