30 Pin Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Transmitter for IPod Mini IPod Classic IPod Nano Touch (White)
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  • 30 Pin Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Transmitter for IPod Mini IPod Classic IPod Nano Touch (White)

This portable adapter can make any non-Bluetooth iPod with Bluetooth function. Simply plug the adapter into the 30-pin base and pair with Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth speakers. such as Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth music receiver.
Automatically pair. Pair it once and it will always remember your device and easy to carry around with you. Standby mode is started to save power when the stereo Bluetooth headsets/earphones is not found in due time.
It works on Apple products with 30pin plug, compatible with for iPod Touch (3rd, 4th), iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th), iPod Video, iPod Mini, iPod Classic.
Need not setup any software and very easy to use. Support profile: A2DP & ARVCP. Support paired Bluetooth stereo headsets/earphones to control play/pause,forward/backward.
It is Not compatible with for iPod nano 6, iPod Mini 4GB Model M9804X (Version 1.4.1), ipod classic, iPod Touch 2nd, iPod Touch 1st, ipod classic 30GB.And aslo it dont support the Ipod ex factory date before 2007.

colour: white
Material: metal+plastic

Package Contents:
1 x 30 Pin Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Transmitter

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